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How do I get my Florida Concealed Weapons License?
or otherwise know as a "CCW" License
Blackwater River Tactical
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It currently takes 90 days to receive your Florida Concealed Weapons License from the time you mail your application into the Department
of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Do not worry about the 90 day wait. There are still many places in the meantime you can lawfully carry your gun in Florida without a
concealed weapons license. Students of Capt Ron can lawfully carry their guns more places because of the increased education received in
Capt Ron's CCW classes. Remember, Capt Ron is the
ONLY  firearms instructor and range owner in North West Florida authorized and
mandated by Florida State law to teach students about how to carry, where to carry, and use of lethal force when it comes to self-defense
with a firearm or any other weapon.

Two Ways to send in your CWL Application:
You can mail your CWL application in to the DACS on your own OR make an appointment with the local DACS offices in Fort Walton Beach
or Tallahassee.

In the past you were able to receive your license within 7 days after you direct application with the local DACS office in Fort Walton Beach.
Appointments made now in January are booked are far out as May and then it will take an additional 90 days from your scheduled
appointment date!

My friends at the DACS in Fort Walton Beach are doing their very best to accommodate all the people who finally decided to get their CWL's
when the Obama gun crunch is on.  These are the hardest working State Employees you will ever meet. The new larger office is under-
staffed and they are doing everything they can to help make Florida a safer place by processing your license application. Please be patient
and polite with them. They also have to deal with all the idiots who want to carry a gun, but can't properly fill out an application, answer a
simple question accurately, or can't come up with a marriage certificate or divorce decree to prove their legal name. Personally, I would kick
your butt out of my office for such inability, but these people are maintaining a level of courtesy and professionalism second to none when it
comes to processing all the CWL applicants.

Students were originally instructed to go directly to the DACS to apply for their CWL, but now it's faster to just mail the application in on your

So how do you do this? Simply read below as you will be simply lead through the steps.

1. Establish that you are actually eligible for a Florida CWL CLICK HERE for Eligibility Requirments.

2.Make an appointment with Capt Ron to take a CWL class. Choose the 2hr CWL Class or the 4hr Stress-Fire CWL CLass. Either class will
meet the training requirement needed to get your Florida CWL. One class simply offers more training than the other. Click Here for
Description of the classes.

3. You need to decide whether you want to mail in your CWL application or go Directly the DACS and apply in person.

Option A:     Mailing the Application in Yourself.  

NOTE:  If you do everything below before your class with Capt Ron you will be able to mail off your CWL application immediately
after your class when you receive your training certificate!

Step 1. Get yourself a Florida CWL license application packet from a local gun store or DACS website or Police/Sheriff's office or download
and print the two page application from here.  Be sure to fill out the application completely and honestly and then have it notarized. Capt
Ron is a notary and can do this for you free of charge if you are a student.

Step 2. Go to Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc and have two recent Passport photos taken of you. On the back of each photo write your full
name and birthdate because your application package will be opened so that your check can be grabbed and cashed first. During this
process other applicants photos may get mixed up with yours and you don't want someone else's face coming back on your CWL ID card.

Step 3. Go to your local Police of Sheriff's Office and get your finger print cards. The office is usually open 8am-4pm for fingerprinting
services. The fixed cost is $5.00 CASH. Do NOT pay extra to have the Sheriff's office submit your background check electronically. Your
initial background check will be completed faster, but this will slow up your over-all application process with the DACS because the left hand
will not communicate with the right hand during the application process. Simply tell the Sheriff's office or Police Station that you are going to
submit your fingerprint card with your CWL application all at once to the DACS.

Step 4. Write a personal check or money order to DACS (Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services) for $112.00 (one-hundred twelve
dollars) THEY DO NOT TAKE CREDIT CARD OR CASH. I personally recommend you send a bank check or money order so you don't have
to be concerned about when they are cashing your check or any other check clearing issues or unforseen NSF issues. Your check being
cashed has no relation to how soon you will be receiving your CWL.

Step 5. In your application envelope, Insert a COPY of the training certificate you received from Capt Ron as proof of your required firearms
training as required by law.  Make sure that the name on your certificate exactly matches the name on your driver's license. If you have had
a name change on your DL, you will need a new certificate also or submit proof of your legal name change which may or not be accepted by
the DACS during your application process.

You may also use as evidence of your firearms training:

  • Your Military DD-214 if it has your firearms training documented properly
  • Florida Hunter Safety Education Card
  • Any NRA firearms safety training certificate with the NRA Instructor's Signature and Instructor # clearly legible (seriously)
  • Law Enforcemnt Firearms Training Certificate
  •  Security Guard firearms Qualification record

Hand Mail with two first class stamps all 5 steps listed above in an envelope to the DACS and wait 90 days!

Option B:     Drive to DACS in Fort Walton Beach or Tallahassee and do application in person

Step 1. Make an appointment by phone (850) 833-9146 with the DACS in FWB or Tallahassee. DACS FWB  branch office
information is below. They are currently booked
10-12 weeks out for an appointment.

                                   What to bring with you the day of your appointment:

  • You will need to bring a copy of your CWL training certificate or other proof of training
  • Check or money order (no cash) $112.00 payable to "DACS"
  • Driver's License or other State photo ID, and citizen or nationalization papers or legal alien papers, if you are not a natural born citizen.
  • You will do your application on the computer at the DACS office and they will also notarize it at NO extra charge.
  • Fingerprints will be electronically taken at the DACS office at NO extra charge
  • Your photo for ID will also be taken at ehe DACS officeat NO extra charge

The whole in house CWL application process takes about 30 minutes and then you still wait another 90 days! (at this time)