I have what i believe to be the best-bullet proof vests available in threat level IIA which is rated for .357 magnum and
less powerful calibers including: .45, .40. 9mm, .380. 22L. Although one single panel is not rated to stop a .44
magnum, it did stop a .44 mag hollow point from penetrating through the vest when tested. The .44 mag was
stopped in the second layer of Kevlar, that's the second layer out of fourteen layers in the panel  The trauma
caused from the .44 mag would of hurt you, but it did NOT penetrate the through the panel.

Why only sell them for $200? We bought 3800 vests at one time. We received a good deal because we bought in
bulk and we are passing that deal onto you. Could we get more money for these vests? Sure we could, but then we
would have to wait longer and we wouldn't have the money to spend on buying extra ammo now while it's still
available! People, buy your guns, ammo and body armor now, seriously while you still can.

These vests are used, but have never been shot. The Kevlar is as good as new. The camouflage carriers are
simply  faded and that's why they are being sold at a reduced price.

There are similar carriers in the German Fleck camouflage being sold for $50.00 on the Internet, but they are ONLY
FLACK JACKETS, they are NOT ballistic vests and I have only seen them in Size Mediums or you are unable to
choose size. Do not be fooled.

You may also see similar vests being sold for $150.00. They are size mediums only.  I have size medium, large,
large long, and XL

These vests are over $1000.00 new.  Being sold now for $300.00 Including shipping, handling + taxes.

Why are used vests sold to  the public?

When Police or military by a ballistic/bullet-proof vest they are required to have a warranty on that vest. Although
the vest  would virtually last forever, the manufacturing company only warranties them for typically five years so that
they can limit their liability and sell more vests once the warranty has expired.  The used vest are not trashed
because they still have the ballistic protection value that can save a life, hence the vests are resold on the open
market at an incredible discount.

These are German special forces vests. Some of the carriers may be faded or simple repairs made from wear, but
the Kevlar panels are as good as new and have never been fired at. Kevlar does not age or degrade over time.
(unless you leave it in direct sunlight) All Kevlar ballistic panels are enclosed in a water repellent cover, that repels
all moisture (sweat) and protects from any light damage. The panels are easily removable from the camo commando
carrier via unzipping the bottom of the carrier and simply pulling the panel out. Carriers may be machine washed
normally in cold or warm water.

I have sizes in M, L, and hard to find XL. I can also custom size a vest for the big boys. The last vest I customized
was for a fellow who was 6'2, 350lbs. I can over lap multiple panels together to fit larger chested men. This would
also provide double ballistic protection where the vest over laps down the center of the chest and back. The camo
commando carrier can also be made larger. Custom sized vest requiring two extra ballistic panels are $600, an
unbeatable deal.

Vests can be worn over the clothing for quick donning commando style or the ballistic panels can be quickly
removed and held in place by velcro straps under your clothing for concealment. Vest carrier is German camo with
the same IIA ballistic protection over shoulders and in neck collar. It looks like a hunting vest rather than a
bullet-proof vest making the thug less likely to take a head shot on you. Vest with carrier weighs between 5-6lbs
depending on size.

Vest carrier can hold up to three chest panels and three back panels if extra protection is desired. Extra panels are
sold individually.

Each single ballistic panel contains 14 layers of high grade German Kevlar and is rated as a threat level IIA.
European ballistic vests have higher anti-ballistic requirements than US standards. Probably because Euromen
aren't so big and tough.

I have tested these vests and they are the real deal. You can easily add your own chest trauma plate by simply
velcroing the plate to the panel or by sewing on a simple pocket. I have camo material from extra vest carriers you
may have for this application.

Only a genuine ballistic grade ceramic plate at the cost of $400 alone will stop a rifle round and that's if you can get
somebody to sell you one.

I meet so many people who are prepared for when the shumer hits the fan, plenty of guns, thousands of rounds of
ammo, enough MRE's, fuel and water to last ten years, but then they skimp on the one thing that can keep them
alive.  I think people forget that when the shumer hits the fan, they are not the only ones with guns.  It be a shame to
do all that preparation and then be taken out by one stray.22 bullet to the stomach.
We have hard to find large and X-larges sizes.
$300.00 Includes Shipping & Tax to Continental USA
Panels are easily
removed from
carrier and can
be worn
concealed under
your clothing
Carrier offers the
same Kevlar  
protection level for
neck & shoulders.
Trauma plates can
easily be added.
We accept Visa. Master Card. PayPal, Cash, Postal Money Order Sorry no personal checks.
These Kevlar vest panels
cover more of the body
than any other vest on the

When worn underclothing
you can position the chest
panel as high as you want.

Most other vests lay much
lower leaving the upper
chest and collar bone

Steel trauma plates can be
easily added over the
chest with Velcro or a
simply added pocket to the
Weighs Only 5lbs
With Carrier OVER the clothes.              Without carrier UNDER the clothes.
Bullet Proof Vests $300.00
To Purchase: Email beermunder@yahoo.com
Type "Bullet Proof Vest" in Email subject line
  • Vests are used, but never have been shot. Carriers may be faded, but Kevlar is like new.

  • .40 & .45 cal are stopped by the first layer of Kevlar
  • Deep fast penetrating .357 Magnum & 9mm rounds are typically stopped by the fourth layer of fourteen
    layers of Kevlar
"I truly believe in these vests.  I have bought them for my friends and my
demonstration purposes with nearly every pistol caliber and I'm confident in
their Level IIA stopping ability as advertised.  I'll be glad to answer your
questions personally . Simply call me on my cell phone and we can
discuss the details."   
- Capt Ron Beermünder   Cell: (850) 266-2325
Basic pistol class for concealed carry license.
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