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Below is Katie, she's 10 years old and weighs 72lbs.
Every student is trained to their individual ability. The
balance ball is just one of Capt Ron's stress-fire
training methods.  Most students do not have the
ability to even balance on the ball, let alone safely
shoot.  Do NOT try this anywhere else.
Florida's Premiere Firearms Training Facility
We are a private gun range. We are open to the Public, Law
You must have a reservation or invitation to shoot at Blackwater
River Tactical Range.

We have an air-conditioned indoor/outdoor tactical shooting range
with 360 degree shooting capability. Our training is designed to
bring you up to your next level in firearms proficiency.  

Our rifle range has an 800 yard capability along with the ability to
shoot from moving vehicles and helicopters.  

Services Offered 7 Days Week

  • 2 Hour or 4 Hour CCW License Certification Classes

  • Gift Certificates Available

  • Flexible 1 on 1 ALL-Levels of  firearms training for
    individuals and groups

  • Instruction for new and gun-shy (HOPLAPHOBIC)
    students, Seniors, Children, and Physically Challenged

  • Private Hourly firearms competitive coaching and
    instruction for pistol and rifle shooting

  • Private Hourly Range rental, with over 40 guns to shoot
    included at NO extra charge.

  • Private One-on-One Next-Level Firearms Training

  • Security Officer "G" License Certification

  • Military Marksmanship Training for all branches

  • Law Enforcement Advanced Firearms Training

  • Instinctive "No-Sights" Shooting Techniques

  • Close quarters Stress-Fire Pistol Training

  • Free Gun Rentals with all our classes and range time
Please read
before you go!
say your Wives,
Daughters, and
girlfriends are
already naturally
good enough
shots  to kill you
without any

I will make them
good enough to
save you!
-Capt Ron
As seen on WEAR TV Channel 3 News Feature
Story at Blackwater River Tactical Range
(850) 266-2325 / CONCEAL
Train where the Professionals train.  Every state and local agency
continues to train with Capt Ron at Blackwater for one reason. It's
simply the best , most  realistic training available in North West Florida.
We train new shooters with the proper combat pistol shooting techniques from
the start. Students with no firearms training experienced are prefered. If you
have never touched a gun before, Blackwater is the perfect place for you
start.  Your training is always one on one and your satisfaction is 100%
guaranteed. It's the
ONLY guarantee in the firearms training business period.